Tuesday, 9 July 2013

9 July 2013 morning commodity tips, gold silver price, mcx ncdex trading call today

Tuesday the precious metals gold and silver are looking bullish in early trading time. The yellow metal gold slip around 0.49 percent or 127 points at 26234.00 and the white metal silver slip around 0.71 percent or 286 points at 40674.00. 

The base metals are just trading in an opposite direction as of the precious metals. All these metals are working for the future delivery. Nickel for July gain 2.70 points to Rs. 814.20. The prices of the metals are fluctuating in between 0.40 points to 3.00 points. 

The energy products crude oil and the natural gas are also looking bearish. But energy product mentha oil is up by 2.70 points to Rs. 918 with a high of 924.00 and a low of 911.10 


Gold tg 26275 | 26295 | 26305 sl 26163 

Silver tg 40718 | 40693 | 40678 sl 40585 


Crude oil tg 6205 | 6197 | 6189 sl 6244 

Nickel tg 813 | 812.5 | 812 sl 816.3


  1. Crude oil trading range for the day is 5939-6117 as per the info byEpic research.

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