Friday, 12 July 2013

Friday 12 July 2013 evening gold silver update, copper tips for today, base metals trend

In evening session time the mcx commodities are showing both the trends up and down. The two most precious metals gold and silver used to work in negative side. Gold price drop by 87 points and the silver price drop by 3559 points.

The base metals and the energy products change their status and trading in a bullish note. A sudden change has been occurred in the price of nickel, lead and zinc at 4:09 pm and they trade down by 1.20 point, 0.15 point and 0.10 point. 

Sell copper target 418.9 | 418.4 | 417.9 stop loss 422.3 

Sell silver target 41245 | 41225 | 41210 stop loss 41367 

Sell nickel target 816.8 | 816.3 | 815.8 stop loss 819.9 

Sell copper target 19655 | 19640 | 19625 stop loss 19730 


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