Friday, 19 July 2013

Evening mcx ncdex commodity market update, jeera looking bullish today 19 July 2013

In the evening trading session time the mcx market seems to be in red shade. Among all the metals the yellow precious metals gold and aluminium are working in a green shade with a rise of 41 point and 0.20 point. 

There is a little bit changes has been occurred in the price of the energy products in downward direction. The crude oil price decreases by 6 points to Rs. 6465 and the mentha oil decreases by 6.60 points to Rs. 897.90 

The base metals are looking bearish today for the future delivery. At national commodity and derivative exchange the Jeera is moving upward, turmeric looks in the same trend as of jeera. 

The ncdex coriander gain 63 points or 1.07 percent to Rs. 5950 with a high of 6064 and a low of 5887 for july. Chana slip around 23 points or 0.77 percent to Rs. 2955 having a high 2980 and a low 2924. 

SELL SILVER TG 40355/40335/40310 SL 40440 

BUY COTTON TG 19585/19600/19615 SL 19510

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