Tuesday, 9 July 2013

9/7/13 evening mcx ncdex market updates || chana level || cotton trend || future tips

The commodity market is looking in a same way as it was looks in the morning trading session. A little bit change has been occurred in the price of the commodities, the white precious metal which looks positive in the morning time sudden changes its position and start to work in a downward direction. 

The yellow metal and the mentha oil maintained their position and still working in a positive side. The mcx cotton at 4:34 pm slips by 0.10 percent or 20 points to Rs. 20050.00 with a high of 20070.00 and a low of 19920.00 

The ncdex products are showing both the trends up and down. Some of the goods are going up while some are going down. 

Chana got a change of 56 points at 3079 in a positive side with a high 3079 and low 3030 for the delivery of the july month. The support for the commodity is 2993.10 and the resistance is 3052.9. 

Sell nickel tg 800.5 | 799.5 | 798.5 sl 805.2 

Sell silver tg 40158 | 40138 | 40128 sl 40265

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