Friday, 12 July 2013

Today 12/7/13 mcx ncdex commodity market update, level and trading buy sell calls


Friday most of the products are looking bearish for the future contract. Yesterday the silver was closed at 41697 and today opened at 41561 down by 136 points and the gold was closed at 26677 and opened at 26693 down by 16 points. 

The crude oil is trading in a negative side while the mentha oil was trading in a positive side. The support for crude is seen at 6193.5 and resistance at 6372.5 and the support level for mentha oil is seen at 918 and resistance at 934.2 

The base metals copper, zinc, aluminium, nickel, lead are working in a downward direction. The cotton is also used to follow the same trend as of the base metals decreases by 170 points at 19820.00


Barley seems to be trade in a positive side for all session while the chilli is trade in a negative side. The coriander and jeera is strongly going down for July delivery. Jeera slipped by 57.5 points at 13500 and the coriander price drop by 121 points at 5795. 

In the international market wheat, soyabean oil and corn has been traded in a negative side. The US wheat slips by 0.18% to Rs. 681.12 and the wheat price drop by 0.18% at 681.12 

SELL COTTON TARGET 19785/19770/19755 STOP LOSS 19870 

SELL ZINC TARGET 111.65/111.15/110.65 STOP LOSS 115.15


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