Thursday, 25 July 2013

Today 25th july evening gold silver price, free commodity tips, cotton update

Thursday seems a horrible day for trading as the commodities doesn’t to the positive side, from the early morning trade to evening time the metals as well as the energy products has been trade in a downward direction. 

The cotton and silver are strongly decreasing. The silver price drop by 0.89 percent or 367 points to Rs. 40979.00 and the cotton price decreases by 1.28 percent or 250 points to Rs. 19310.00. 

At 5:12 pm a sudden change occurs in the gold price and it slumps around 95 points to Rs. 27145.00 for the august delivery. The base metals are used to maintain their position and showing a red signal for trading. 

Sell silver tgt 40975/40950/40940 sl 41090 

Sell cotton tgt 19175/19160/19145 sl 19250 

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