Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Tuesday gold silver trading tips || base metal update || cotton trend

Today the white metal opened at 45999 up by 138 points but lost its grip as it turned its position from positive negative at 11:25 am by 426 points to rs. 45435. Similarly the yellow metal opened with a rise of 62 points at 28985 then got down to rupees 28743 by 180 points. Monday these metals were traded very well as the silver touched a points near around 2000 and the gold touched around 700 point. 

The base metals copper and nickel showing both the trends up and down, the nickel keep on rising while the copper is dipriciating for august. It is expected that they may trade in a good level. The mcx energies is trading in a upward direction. The crude oil and mentha oil are simultaneously changing varing their price but only in a positive way. Crude oil surge 37 points and the mentha oil surge 5.70 points, mcx cotton is incredibly working as it keep on going and going for last few days with a high rise in price. 

Sell Silver Tg 45573, 45553, 45543 Sl 45696 

Buy Cotton Tg 21095, 21105, 21120 Sl 21000

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