Monday, 19 August 2013

19th august 2013 commodity online, mcx call, intraday trading tips for today

Monday morning seems to be a normal day for trading as their is not so much of fluctuation seen in the price of the products. Gold changes its position within a second as it goes towards the positive and then to negative side. The white metal silver opened at 51000 up by 238 points and still working in a bullish note with an intraday high 51132. The energies looks same as of the precious metal as they show both the trends, crude oil is trading in a negative side down by 35 points while the mentha oil looking green today. 

If we jump towards the base metals then their is a lot of depriciation seen in them. The most strongest metals copper and nickel slumps around 0.19 percent and 0.99 percent for the august delivery. The support and resistance level for the commodities are 

COPPER SUPPORT 464, 461.4 RESISTANCE 470.5, 473.1 
NICKEL SUPPORT 929.5, 924.1 RESISTANCE 942.5, 947.9 

COTTON BUY ABOVE 22590 TARGET 22605, 22620, 22635 STOPLOSS 22540 

NICKEL SELL BELOW 925.40 TARGET 926.40, 927.40, 928.40 STOPLOSS 928.40


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