Monday, 26 August 2013

26/8/13 free mcx commodity trading tips and calls for today, natural gas levels

Monday seems a very interesting day for the trading purpose over the MCX products as the commodities was opened in a bullish mode. Today the yellow metal gold opened at 31806 up by 150 points same as it is the white metal silver opened at 53700 up by 237 points for the future delivery. In the noon time gold gain 136 points while the silver gain 491 points against their previous close. 

The energy crude oil and mentha oil are moving very smoothly and steadily. Both are used to trade in a positive zone, a sudden jump has been seen in the price of crude oil where it rises by 35 points to Rs. 6872. Natural gas also try to maintain itself in a upward direction. Its support level seen at 223 and resistance level seen at 224.6. 

Cotton buy above 22360 tgt 22380 | 22400 | 22410 sl 22320

Nickel buy above 934.50 tgt 935.50 | 936.50 | 937.50 sl 931.50 

Crude oil buy above 6874 tgt 6882 | 6889 | 6895 sl 6854 

Mentha oil buy above 891.80 tgt 897.80 | 901.80 | 908.80 sl 881


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