Friday, 16 August 2013

16 August mcx commodity market update, today crude oil price and levels, free trading tips

Friday seems a quite impressive day for the trading over commodities as all the MCX products performing outstanding towards the positive side. A great changes occur in the price of the commodities specially in preciouis metals, crude oil and as usual cotton. 

Today in the morning trade the gold used to work in a positive side with a rise of 1031 points at 30217 with an intraday high 30452 and the white silver looking quite interesting as it gains 21794 points at 49367 has an intraday high 49367. 

 If we taking about the energies then the crude oil price rising high by 1.64 percent for the august delivery same as the mentha oil rising by 0.63 percent. The base metals copper and nickel changing drastically as they go up above 10 points for future. Cotton used to do trade in a positive side from last 2 weeks, at 10:20 am it gain 410 points to Rs. 22300. 

Crude oil R1 : 6581.6 R2 : 6622 
S1 : 6484.4 S2 : 6444 
Mentha oil R1 : 861.2 R2 : 868.6 
S1 : 846.2 S2 : 838.8 

BUY SILVER TG 49397 | 49417 | 49427 SL 49287 

BUY CRUDE OIL TG 6682 | 6698 | 6708 SL 6627