Friday, 14 June 2013

Friday 14/6/13 Natural gas update, crude oil level, mcx ncdex tips today

Today, mcx commodities fluctuate a lot. In the morning session all were traded in a positive side but as the time passes away the products changes their position and in the evening time most of them are trading in downward side. 

The gold and silver which was looking bullish in early trade are now looking bearish. The base metals follow the same trend as of precious metals. For the future delivery Nickel June gain 0.16 percent to Rs. 819.80. 

Thursday, the Natural gas has slightly recovered as the weekly data showed by the United State’s Energy Information Administration. At 4:36 pm natural gas price decreases by 1.20 points to Rs. 219.90. 

The crude oil up by 8 points and mentha oil slip by 12.70 points against their previous close. The support and resistance level for the products are : 
Crude oil R1: 5601.3 S1 : 5540.7 
Mentha oil R1 : 1033.6 S1 : 1006.8 


Gold Status Sell below 27617.00 TGT 27587/27567/27557 SL 27677 

Silver Status Sell below 43066.00 TGT 43031/43006/425991 SL 43146


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