Friday, 24 May 2013

Evening gold silver down | cotton tips | base metal news | intraday future trading

In evening session the precious metals gold and silver both are looking bearish. For June and July gold and silver drop by 0.45 percent to Rs. 26230 and 0.74 percent to Rs. 43247.00 

Cotton is working in a same position as it was looking in the morning trade. Cotton fall by 110 points at 17990.00, it takes a high of 18060 and low of 17950.00. 

In base metal Aluminium, Copper and Nickel going down while lead and zinc are going up today. Mentha oil also slip by 9.10 points and crude oil up by 23 points at 5238. 

At National commodity and derivative exchange most of the products are working in a red sign and going down sharply. 

Sell cotton tg 17975 | 17960 | 17945 sl 18050 

Sell silver tg 43221 | 43201 | 436191 sl 43341 



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